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Installing Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel covers

The question we receive more than any other is: IS it hard to install a wheelskin? The best answer I have for you is "Maybe". Are you patient? Do you have good dexterity? Do you have decent eyesite? Do you have 45 minutes to 2 hours that you can dedicate to installing the Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Cover? If your answer is yes to the above questions, than MY answer to you is NO its not hard to install a Wheelskin.

     Patience! This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! IF you know you fly off the handle or throw things when you get frustrated, dont even bother to try to install one! This process is tedious, it involves threading a Loooong string through pre punched holes using a provided needle. Did I mention the string is long? Seriously, its about 15 feet long.

     You have to have good manual dexterity to install a new cover over your steering wheel. You are going to be handling and threading a needle through holes on the front and back of the leather cover. The string is waxed and will try to ball up or get knots. Remember! Slow and steady is how this gets done. 

     It is important that you can see well in order to restore your steering wheel using a Wheelskins brand leather steering wheel cover. In most cases it is difficult under perfect  lighting conditions to see the back holes on the cover. And lets be honest, how many of us have garages with PERFECT lighting conditions? Expect to struggle with seeing what is going on during installation.

     It will take you a minimum of 45 minutes to install a Whelskin. I have installed quite a few and my best time is still between 30 and 40 minutes. You need to be able to spend the time to do a good job. Dont try to rush this, the slow and steady approach will result in a better job.

Installation Check list

  1. Verify You have Needle and Thread
  2. Check the color against your interior
  3. Make sure there is no trash, or clutter in floor or seat area of your car
  4. It needs to be at least 70 degrees in your garage for installation
  5. Make sure there is room for drivers side door to be open
  6. Verify you have plenty of light
  7. Check you have time to complete installation
  8. Relax, Have Fun, GO!

If you have questions During installation, you can call us anytime. We are available 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Eastern time. Dial 863.644.2439